Friday, April 7, 2017

Terrific Terrifying Triathlon

Last Friday we had a Paihia School Tryathlon we swam down at the beach it was a 100 metre swim. I was a great day. But I think the down side was running back to school in our cold wet togs.  My favorite was the bike ride around the field and on the pump track. At the deck the juniors cheered us on and the prize at the end was a caught being good and a bar. Next year I think we need to have another one.


  1. KIA Ora Lily,
    My name is Shakaia I go to Panmure Bridge School in Auckland. The juniors are very nice for cheering yous on. I think if I ever had to swim 100 meters I would huff and puff the fist 50 meters. My advice would to re read your work to make sure it makes sense . Keep up the amazing work.


  2. Hi Lily,
    My name is Zahra and I am from Panmure Bridge School. It's cool how you could go the beach and have fun. Hopefully you enjoyed that day and got a placing.


  3. Hi Lily,
    I am Hajera from Panmure bridge School. I like how you guys went to the beach and how you guys had a fun time. I would love to go to the beach.