Friday, May 19, 2017

Tim Tipenes Terrific Day Visit To Paihia School

Last week on Thursday the 11th an author came to visit his name was Tim Tipene, he believes that there is a warrior inside everyone. I mostly enjoyed him telling us about himself and his life. I have only read his 1 of his 10 books called Taming the Taniwha but I would like to get read more of his stories because the have a lesson behind the and the are well written. I can only name a few like Hinemoa te Toa, Taming the Taniwha, Maui the Sun Catcher and The Wooden Fish. I hope he can come to our schools again.


  1. Hi Lilly this is Lyndon from panmure bridge school.
    this is a very good blog post you have a long blurb what you did and what you liked about it and a photo.It sounds like you had a nice day but i think you could maby say what you did not like about it unless you liked the whole thing witch is fine.

  2. Hi Lyndon, thank you for the great feed back. I will try to remember that about writing my blurb next time. Also I am glad you liked to photo and the blurb.