Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Magistic Math Goals

Last week Te Ngahere we made our new maths goals. This term I am working on stage 7. I chose my goals by finding what I needed to work on the most. Our WALT was WALT identify our new learning goals. Here are mine . . .


  1. Hi Lily, It’s me Astin
    I really like your math goals for this term. Your goals are very interesting Why did you choose these goals?, When do you think you will achieve them? Keep working hard to achieve your goals.

  2. Hey Lily I am Tahnellah I am a student at KawaKawa Primary School and I'm a year 8 and I'm 12 years old,I liked how you did your maths goals they are interesting and I agree with Astin keep working to achieve your goals and If you'd like you can go check out my blog and go check out my class blog
    this one is my blog and this one is my class blog bye have fun and enjoy bye...