Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taste Tummy Rubbing Tangelos



“Crack” as I peeled the delicious tangelo revealing the scrumptious segments. The smells reminded me of springs delightful wonders. One whiff of the smell and I was in love with what it's smells may bring to the flavors. Gently I placed it in my mouth and wow I wanted more and more it was amazing. Juicy orange tasting segments as tiny as they were, they were delicious I wish I was eating them forever. One by one I ate the segments and ripping their flesh.“SHHH” as the juice squirted out of the tangelo segment as my teeth squished it. I never thought I that a round orange ball would be that tasty. I love tangelos sooo much, “I glad I have a tangelo tree at home!"
******************THE END*********************

I was learning to write a descriptive piece of writing.
We wrote about a tangelo we got to smell, taste and feel it. I thought I was a great way to write a story. I worked on the similes and alliteration and onomatopoeia. But I need to work similes because I really don’t really know much about them. Other wise I think I did really well.

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